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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cold Weather Emergency -What would you do?

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     You  received a call saying that your neighbor fell in a gutter.  An ambulance was called, but it was 20 minutes away.  It was a cold, rainy day in mid-November and the lady who fell was very old (in her 80's).  You ran out to help.  Some of the neighbors had found her and pulled her out of the gutter (there was water in it) on to the road.  When you arrived the lady was barely conscious and she was shivering.  There appeared to be a bump on her forehead which was probably caused by the fall.  What should you do?  What should you not do?  Leave your comments below and stay tuned for expert advice!


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  1. Well I suppose you can't leave her since she's cold and old, that's not a good combination, but should you move her? If she has a spinal injury or neck injury, or possibly a broken hip--which is common in older women--I don't think that you should touch her, but you wouldn't know what was broken for sure or not until she was checked out. I'm really not sure, I guess they did the right thing in pulling her out but she would still be cold...I guess in this kind of a situation I wouldn't really know how to react. What do you do? What did you guys do?

  2. Being wet and cold can be very dangerous. Get her dry and change the clothes.

  3. You can be prepared for this type of situation. Free training is available in Madison County and the surrounding counties through the CERT program. Contact us for more info.


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