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Friday, September 21, 2012

Managing Our Fear In Disasters

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 What do you fear most?  Is it being home alone at night?  Is it a big hairy bug?  Or is it the footsteps behind you while you're walking home at night?  Big or small, we all have dealt with fear in our lives.  For me, ever since I woke up one morning with a big centipede crawling on my face, the thought of those things lurking around in my bedroom has caused many sleepless nights.  During the last two years, my wife and I lived in Japan with my family and we had our fair share of centipede encounters (I'll merely say without exaggerating we killed nearly one hundred centipedes in the last two years and most of them were in our house!).  Thanks to these encounters, I learned a little bit about fear, how it works, and what we can do to manage them.

Before going into fear, you should know a few things about centipedes.  Centipedes are very aggressive meat eating bugs that come out at night to hunt for their food.  The ones we saw ranged from 2 to 6 inches long (I hope you can understand how difficult it is for me to write about this).  They love dark and damp areas with access to other bugs for food.  They usually have about 30 to 46 legs and have a pair of very sharp and venomous fangs.  Its poison is known to attack the lymph nodes and cause extreme pain and sometimes shock.   I will not post a picture here but you can certainly look it up if you're curious.  Now that you know, we can proceed to our main topic, fear.

Fear is a part of life
If you ponder your life's experiences most of us will quickly realize that fear has always been a large part of our lives.  Sometimes, it serves as a way to protect us from harm's way. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Simple Home Remedies Class by Kathy Crocker

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We had another successful and a very educational class today.   The topic was "Simple Home Remedies" taught by Kathy Crocker.  Kathy is a mother of seven, stepmother of four, and grandmother of sixteen.  Her youngest son is the reason for learning Alternative Medicines, Herbs, Essential Oils, Vitamins, and Minerals.  When her youngest son came down with C-dif, a contagious and sometimes deadly infection, which is caused by the destruction of the good bacteria in the intestines, she was told by the pediatrician she was not to give him any medicine.  Her son being very young at the time, thoughts of childhood illnesses ran through her mind.  She began to

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tour Our Store!!!

Pin It Not everyone lives in or close to this blessed little city of Rexburg, ID, but that doesn't mean you can't get a taste of how fun it is to come to our store!  This is for those of you who haven't had the chance to visit our store and for those who haven't been back to see us in a while.  We went around the store and took some pictures.  We hope you'll enjoy our little sample tour of the store!

Our new store locations is right next door to Family Dollar on 2nd East.  It is much bigger than our previous locations and we are very excited to be here!

We are a certified retailer of Bosch kitchen products.  The Universal Kitchen Machines are one of the most popular items in our store!  Bosch's patented dow hook design allows it to knead bread very well.  Check our older posts for more information on the Bosch Universal Kitchen Machines!    

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We are Back!!!!!

Pin It OK, so I admit that we have been slacking on the blog lately.  Much has happened since you last heard from us. The biggest change you will notice if you are in Rexburg is our new store location!  It is located on 2nd East.  If you remember our old place, you would be excited too because it is much bigger!  And for those of you who cannot visit our store, don't you worry, you will see some improvements in our blog and websites as well.  We hope you will find our changes to be fun and exciting.  We also hope to see you back at our store or website soon.  Here is a tour to our new store.  Enjoy!