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Friday, October 26, 2012


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Nesco Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator
Breaking News!  Dehydrating water to solve water storage challenges.

As human beings there are very few things that we just can't live without.  And sadly, college football does not fit that description even though some might argue otherwise.  Along with air and food, water is perhaps one of the most important substance we need in order to sustain life.  More than half of our body is made of water.  It is what holds us together in a sense.  So, it is natural for anyone who is preparedness-minded to rank water at the top (or close to it) of his/her storage list.  Unfortunately, however, even the brightest and most experienced prepper is faced with a challenge when trying to store large amounts of water for a long period of time.

Challenges of Storing Water Long-Term
Because water is a solvent (liquid substance that's capable of dissolving other substances) there is always the risk of containers releasing chemicals into the water over time.  If you are reusing a container that held something else, there is the challenge of cleaning the container completely, so nothing is growing inside while the water is in storage.  Another challenge to water storage is the sheer volume needed for storage.   It is generally accepted in emergency preparedness that a person needs about 2 gallons a day.  For a person to survive for 72 hours, he/she needs to store 6 gallons of water.  If that person is married the amount doubles.  If there are children in the picture, the amount becomes staggering.  The final challenge to storing water is its massive weight.  A gallon of water weighs close to 8 lbs.  This means if a person wants all the water in his/her 72 hour kit, just the water alone will weigh a whopping 48 lbs!

The Solution
And now, we are pleased to inform you that after years of research and many failed attempts, mankind has made an astronomical step in water storage.  We now have a way to dehydrate water to solve all of its storage problems!  Watch the video to learn the step-by-step to dehydrating and rehydrating water!

Just Kidding...
OK, so this is one of those things that mankind will never be able to figure out.  We hope you got a good laugh as did we when we came across this video.

Other Solutions
Although dehydrating water may not be an option for most of us, we do have other very effective options for securing drinkable water in an emergency.  Storage is one of them, but where space and other reasons prevent you from storing water it may be a suitable alternative to purify water.  And we have a whole host of options for water purifications at Basic Living - anywhere from tablets to straws to filters to pumps.  One of them is an exciting new product we began carrying not too long ago.  The product is called purificup.  It is a very compact and a very-easy-to-use water purification system.  We understand this to be the world's first and only water purifier to adopt the nano-silver technology which is capable of destroying over 600 kinds of pathogens.  They are available in our store and we hope you will stop by to check it out.

When it comes to emergency preparedness, it is very difficult to provide a one ultimate solution that would work for everyone.  One thing that works well for some may not work at all for others simply because of the difference in circumstances.  However, the important principle is that emergency preparedness is a choice that needs to be made by all, well before an emergency.  When disaster knocks  on your door, the time for preparation has passed.  It is better to prepare a year yearly than a day late.

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