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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Victorio Stainless Steel Steam Juicer

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Extract the natural juice of grapes, berries, and other high-liquid fruits with the power of steam. Just boil water in the bottom container and place fruit in the top container. Natural concentrated fruit juice drips in the center pan where it can be extracted through a surgical-quality, heat-resistant tube. Use it for making jellies or store as concentrate for healthy natural fruit juice. The Steam Juicer is also perfect for cooking soups and stews or steaming vegetables.
Steam Juicer Capacities:
  • Over all height is 16"
  • Diameter is 10.5"
  • Colander - The part the fruit or vegetables go in - 9.5 QT
  • Juice Kettle - The part that catches the juice during the steam juicing process - 2.5 qt
  • Water pan - bottom pan of water that boils to create steam - 4.5 QT
Available at Basic Living
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